VTPR - low flying aerobatics


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VTPR (voltige très près du relief)
'aerobatics very close to the terrain' style slope soaring

VTPR glider aerobatics was invented in France. It consists of flying radio controlled aerobatic gliders very close to the ground - without inertia and with extreme agility. This requires a 'no fear' approach to flying. The models are purposely designed and built very light yet very maneouvrable. This type of airframe allows the pilot the creative opportunity to explore current and new manoeuvres that sometimes seem to defy normal RC flight. VTPR flying style is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Thanks to French and other European pilots sharing videos of VTPR sequences, North Americans are now climbing aboard.

Conventional aerobatics consisting of rolls, loops, stall turns and inverted flight offer the pilot a very enjoyable experience by increasing one’s skills. VTPR though, is suited for those who wish to venture into the extreme 'on the edge' flying experience and use the pilot's and model's full capabilities. All in all, French VTPR aerobatics offers the pilot a canvas to explore the ultimate adrenaline rush in a dangerous yet smooth and majestic style of silent flight.
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