MAAA Slope Soaring Rules Changes


Herewith are proposed new slope soaring rules and amendments to existing slope soaring rules for inclusion into the Model Aircraft Association of Australia (MAAA) Rules Book, to be submitted at the 2021 MAAA Rules Conference.

* Proposed changes to the MAAA Slope Soaring Rules
* Final layout of the above rules, pending approval

With on average one in three slope contests in the Australian State of Victoria having to be cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, the new rules include the restricted use of electric gliders for the purpose of gaining sufficient height to perform the aerobatics safely and effectively with the motor turned off.

The day's competition would not drag out for so long, which was common in past events. On the perfect day, a pilot could get through a routine in about 8 minutes. Whereas on a bad day, that's a day where the lift is scarce, a routine could take double that time.

THE BOOK - Aerobatics for RC Slope Soaring
The documents in this book are the result of over 25 years work and I am delighted to share this literature with slope soaring aerobatics enthusiasts, not just in Australia but around the world. I believe that my aerobatics book is unique, in that nothing like it has been presented or published anywhere else in the world.

If embraced, the judging systems could revolutionise how aerobatics is judged for aircraft aerobatics, be they models or full size aircraft.
No stone has been left unturned to ensure that future competitors, organisers and judges will beprovided with everything they need to run a quality slope soaring aerobatics contest.

To obtain a hard copy of the aerobatics book (without the watermarks), please contact me here.

* Aerobatics for RC Slope Soaring
A shortened version of the book will be provided as an Manual of Proceedures (MOP) to accompany the new rules. When set up as an MOP, it will have absolutely everything competitors, contest directors and judges need to run and/or participate in a slope soaring aerobatics contest.